Psalm 63:3 Love the Lord more than life itself

Psalm 63:3
3 Because thy lovingkindness is better than life, my lips shall praise thee.
-Such words could easily be dismissed as empty flattery, but consider David’s circumstances as he wrote Psalm 63; he was hiding in the wilderness, most likely fleeing from his son Absalom who had usurped the throne. (2 Samuel 15) His life turned upside down, no home, no guarantee of survival, and acknowledging that it was all a result of his own sin; David had no way of knowing that this wasn’t the end of his life.  It is in such moments, moments where the fleetingness of life becomes tangible, that priorities are weighed and the things that matter the most become evident.  In David’s case, the Lord’s love and mercy meant more to him than his own life and so he could still offer praise.  I wonder if the end of our life was near, what would our priorities be?

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