Psalm 136:1 – Help From God

Psalm 136:1
1 O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.

-I recently had the opportunity to visit the headquarters of a task force put into place in the wake of the heavy flooding experienced in South Carolina.  The task force is leading the state’s efforts to bring much needed assistance to the flood victims.  Long after most of us have forgotten the experience and went back to our lives, those flood victims are still feeling the dramatic effect of having their lives turned upside down.  As a side effect, there are many others whose jobs were were changed as they were assigned to this task force.  A noble effort to be sure and one that I have no wish to slight or diminish in any way.  But even as I heard the task force’s overview, I couldn’t help but hear how regulations and politics could undermine the entire effort and how there are not nearly enough resources to help everyone.  This is why the Bible tells us “It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.” (Psalm 118:8)  Even the best human efforts fall short and even the most noble and pious among us still cannot claim to be utterly faithful.  But God can.  He is utterly faithful.  He is good, and His mercy endures forever.

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